During my studies at de Vakschool, Schoonhoven in the Netherlands, I was looking for innovative and advanced opportunities and possibilities within the crafts of gold and silversmithing, often thinking outside the box. Always trying to get ahead and with a constant urge to get the most out of myself, I often make things as difficult as possible to challenge myself. Using the latest technologies available in the fields of jewellery production has led me to make pieces that a few years ago seemed impossible to me. This is largely due to the 3D design opportunities available to us now through CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design and Manufacture) which allow me to convert my creativity into visual pieces.

After 5½ years of study and with a diploma for both gold and silversmithing in my pocket I successfully gained a job at the world famous Gassan Diamonds in Amsterdam. Thanks to my full-time job at this wonderful company I’ve managed to increase my knowledge and advance my abilities to a much higher level. I have always been drawn to precious stones, especially diamonds and it’s a great privilege to be able to work with them daily. I get most of my inspiration from architecture. The use of line direction, proportion and the creation of a piece of visual art have a lot in common with my jewellery designs, where symmetry is also an important factor.

The jewellery that fascinates me the most is that which is covered from top to bottom with diamonds. In my ring for ‘de Nederland’s Ontwerpwedstrijd’ (the Dutch Design Competition) I achieved this working in collaboration with Gassan Diamonds.

Eric de Visser portret

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